Exterior Designs
The design incorporates classical architectural elements such as solid columns and cornices, using beige color, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation, which align with classical design principles.
Interior Design
Wood is the foundational material for the floor. It imparts warmth, tradition, and a welcoming atmosphere to the dining area, in addition to using the beige color for the walls to emphasize the continuity of the classical theme.
Hospitality Architecture
Jazerat Al-Alam, Misrata, Libya.
Delivered Year


The decision to embrace this classical style stems from a desire to evoke a sense of authenticity and tradition. Italian cuisine, particularly pizza, is renowned worldwide for its deep-rooted traditions and artisanal techniques. By echoing the aesthetics of classical Italian buildings, the restaurant not only creates a visually compelling facade but also signals a commitment to preserving the authentic essence of Italian culinary artistry. Columns and cornices were repositioned thoughtfully, further accentuating the classical theme. The facade, adorned primarily in a dignified beige hue, is adorned with meticulously placed graphics in black and a lively green logo. This careful combination of colors breathes life into the exterior, blending classic elements with modern vitality. Internally, the design narrative continues with the judicious use of wood, grounding the ambiance in warmth and tradition.

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