Outdoor Break Space

Exterior Designs
Modernity was expressed in the design mainly through the use of curved lines concept, wooden longitudinal panels, and white color palette.
Landscape Architecture
Misrata, Libya.
Delivered Year


This relaxing outdoor break space is designed to embrace relaxation and natural beauty. It is characterized by its unique style of curved lines, strategically chosen to maximize the viewing angle, offering a breathtaking perspective of the inviting outdoor pool.

For the lounge's facade, wood takes center stage. Longitudinal wood panels are carefully selected to create a stunning contrast with the curving wall.

The use of wood serves a dual purpose - it harmonizes with the elements of nature and provides a sense of warmth and comfort. As you relax in this inviting space, you'll find that the blend of wood, curved lines, and lush outdoor views creates an unparalleled sense of tranquility and oneness with the environment.

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