Exterior Designs
The design is inspired by the shape of a hamburger, consisting of opposite circles with circular lighting. The facade is black to highlight its site and express its elegance.
Interior Design
Simplicity is the main feature of the interior design. It is based on certain geometric shapes (circle and triangle) to create a feeling of balance and fluidity. The walls are covered with light green ceramic, while the floor is covered with gray ceramic parquet, giving it a clean and modern feel.
Hospitality Architecture
Jazerat Al-Alam, Misrata, Libya
Delivered Year


This restaurant stands as a testament to the thoughtful integration of form and function, drawing inspiration from the circular contours defining the classic burger. The exterior design is marked by a deliberate adherence to circular geometry, mirroring the iconic shape of the burger bread. Overhead, scattered circular lights on the exterior design cast a warm and even illumination throughout the space, mirroring the texture and appearance of these sesame seeds. The walls, dressed in a soothing shade of green, provide a complementary backdrop, reminiscent of the fresh, crisp lettuce that often accompanies the burger. Every element within this restaurant has been carefully considered, from the materials chosen to the lighting strategy employed. The result is an ambiance that resonates with the essence of the burger while maintaining a refined and elegant architectural demeanor.

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