Al-Almeya For Tile

Exterior Designs
The factory's initial facade was designed based first on a pyramid-shaped logo inspired by tile and ceramic tiles. Since the factory’s work depends on mechanized power and large production quantities, this trend is represented in the modern design by triangles and sharp corners. Because the shape of the tiles contains randomness, the set of facade triangles was also placed randomly.
Interior Design
The interior design was based on combining tiles, chrome, and wood materials to create a visual mixture.
Industrial Architecture
Kerzaz, Misrata, Libya
Delivered Year


This multifaceted project represents a harmonious fusion of functionality and aesthetic sophistication, seamlessly integrating a tile showroom, an accounting department, and an administrative department within a meticulously designed architectural space. At its core, the interior design of this project is a testament to the artful combination of tile, chrome, and wood materials. The design ethos revolves around the creation of a visually captivating amalgamation, with tiles taking center stage as the dominant element. Various tile formations and a palette of merging colors weave together to craft a dynamic and engaging interior atmosphere. Gypsum frames adorning the walls further enhance the spatial dynamics by showcasing a diverse array of tile shapes, effectively transforming the entire interior into a veritable canvas of modern design. The project's facade embodies a sense of understated elegance. A clean and minimalist approach dominates, with subtle embellishments strategically placed at the entrance and within the glass partitions, subtly inviting natural light to permeate the showroom.

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